Torbjorn Almlid

Chairman of European Lotteries Sport Committee,
Torbjørn Almlid has been from 2009- September 2016 the CEO of Norsk Tipping and, since 2011, Member of the EL Executive Committee. From 2011 to 2013 he was Chair of the EL Knowledge Management, Congresses, Seminars & Intelligence Services Committee and since 2013, the Chair of the EL Sport Committee. Since October 2015 he is member of the GLMS Executive Committee (GlobalLottery Monitoring System). A great achievement of Torbjørn Almlid’s time as the CEO of Norsk Tipping is the increase of the Lottery’s revenue. Furthermore, responsible gaming has been always a top priority for him. Responsible operations have been, in fact, for years an important component of the company’s success, and the Lottery is continuously putting efforts in strengthening its activities within this field. Modernizing the company through developing digital concepts to fulfill the customers’ demand and to compete against the illegal betting companies is also an area that Torbjørn attaches great importance to.