Toby Hester

Director, European Sponsorship Association

As a renown industry expert the wealth of experience Toby Hester has amassed during his four decades of working in Sponsorship is almost unique. From his early days of negotiating NFL Player contracts through to orchestrating some of the most complex campaigns at three FIFA World Cup Finals, 5 European Championship, Formula 1, Olympics and The Tour de France he has evolved as one of the true innovators in the industry.


His expertise spans all aspects and genre of brand partnerships, including the highlight of touring with The Rolling Stones, which he describes as “life changing”. Ascending to the Global Head of Sponsorship most recently at BP Castrol, he also worked internally at Coca-Cola, Honda and T-Mobile. He has been a familiar face in Scotland over the years too sponsoring “The Old Firm” on two occasions, The Scottish League Cup Final and Scottish National Team and a number of our talented sportsmen and women.


Toby has been an elected Director of The European Sponsorship Association for nearly 20 years, and now runs a successful business, Sponsorship Coach which is unique in training, coaching and mentoring organisations in commercial partnership creation and management.