Shiny Fang

Secretary General, UIPM

Ms. Shiny Fang, a former athlete in synchronized swimming and gymnastics aerobics, head coach, international judge, bachelor of Sports Medicine and master of Sports Management & Industry began her career in sports administration and international relations in 2004. As now Secretary General of the UIPM, the world governing body of one of the oldest Olympic sports, Shiny started working for UIPM International Affairs in 2008, served as Vice Competition Manager for the 2008 Olympic Games (2007-2008), and Competition Manager for 2010 Asian Games (2009-2010). She has been awarded such distinctions as “Excellence of the Year”, “Organizing Proficiency” and “Young Expert in Administration”. She was elected as Vice President of the International Cheer Union (2010-2018), and served as supervisor of Sports Presentation in different multi-sport Games and is currently an ASOIF Sports Development and Education Consultative Group Member.


Shiny, whose selection as Secretary General of the UIPM in 2013, defied the conventional male-dominated field of the sport administration, has undertaken a strategic and administrative remodeling of the organization leading her sport and the UIPM to the forefront of Olympic events.


In the past 4 years, Shiny has overseen the sustained growth of the sport and the UIPM through a fully focused strategic approach to both the sport and its administration, professionalizing communication tools while transforming business processes into more transparent and efficient ones, bringing the UIPM and the sport firmly into the 21st century.