Sander Schouten

Director Business, Beyond Sports

European Championships 1988 was his first impression of what a major sports event could be like. It changed his life. The Netherlands won their first and only cup. That moment created his ambition to do something within the sports industry. Something meaningful and something that would make me part of the industry as a whole, to be able to change it for the better.


Well diversified and with a broad ambition to make things better, that is how Sander would describe himself. He started of as an account manager at a major media production firm and soon climbed in his role and landed the position of Business development manager and then commercial director. After that formative period his path took a sudden turn and changed for the better. It lead him through technology company Triple as sales director, and into the future of sports.

This is how Beyond Sports was born and this is how it is aiming to revolutionize the sports industry. Through technology into the next era: into the future.