Per Hansen

Regional Manager Sales Engineering Europe, Aspera

Per Hansen is a Senior Technical Specialist for Aspera within IBM. Joining visual effects experts Framestore, he got his first taste of the complexities of working with the large amounts of data visual effects require. Some years after Per was recruited by Red Bee Media to become part of a large-scale project transforming the content workflows of their customer from tape-based to tapeless. Per became part of a small team of technical architects, designing large-scale broadcast systems. It was at Red Bee Media Per become exposed to the challenges of moving large volumes of broadcast programmes in the shape of files not just between systems within data centres but also across large distances. Ten years ago he decided the time was right for change, and maybe also a bit of an adventure – and found Aspera, a US-based company which in 2014 was acquired by IBM. Having worked with a large customer base across a large variety of industries ranging from enterprise to broadcast to life sciences, he has observed the many practical and technical challenges facing a business wanting transport their big volumes of data worldwide.