Patrick Balemans

Policy Advisor for Facilities, KNVB

Patrick works as a policy advisor for facilities at the KNVB, especially for the amateur league. In the professional league his role is to get high quality pitches. Patrick has been working for more than 5 years for the KNVB. Previously, Patrick worked during 9 years at a consultancy agency as an advisor for sport facilities.


Things that Patrick has implemented at the KNVB:

–       Creating standards for the amount of pitches needed for clubs in the amateur league

–       Creating standards for the amount and size of dressing rooms for clubs in the amateur league

–       Creating an application to visualize all clubs in the Netherlands with specific data for facilities

–       Creating uniform warranties for Football Turf

–       Creating an end of life cycle standard for Football Turf

–       Research to the demographical movements and the effects on clubs

–       Creating an application to visualize where members of the club are living (travelling distance to the club specified on gender and age)

–       Creating a model for exploitation costs of pitches and facilities.


At the moment Patrick is working on creating standards for natural turf in the Netherlands, sustainability and multifunctional usage of facilities.