Nicholas Niggli

Director General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation, State of Geneva

Mr Nicholas C. Niggli is Director General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation at the
Republic and State of Geneva, since May 2017. At the crossroad between macro-strategic thinking
and micro-economic delivery, Nicholas identifies opportunities to strengthen Geneva’s economic
ecosystem to position it to benefit from the opportunities of the digital age but also of the emergence of
sustainable development economics. Nicholas works on building bridges between Geneva’s diverse
clusters and its unparalleled network of multilateral governance actors, takes steps to strengthen
Geneva’s USP and reinforces the links between economic development and research to create
conditions favouring entrepreneurship, the emergence of new sources of growth as well as innovation.
Since 2012, Nicholas has been lecturing on complex negotiation dynamics, leadership, intercultural
communication and global governance as part of the INP Executive Master at the Graduate Institute of
International & Development Studies, Geneva. In parallel, he has been a guest lecturer on
international trade, procurement, governance and Brexit in various other academic institutions across
Europe. Before joining the Republic and State of Geneva, Nicholas has been working for 15 years as
a senior Swiss diplomat, both as a multilateral trade negotiator at the Swiss Mission to the WTO &
EFTA and as a bilateral representative for economy, finance, science and innovation at the Swiss
Embassy in the UK. He has also successfully concluded two major negotiations as well as a mediation
process between China and Chinese Taipei, as Chairman, at the World Trade Organisation.