Luc Van Haute

Vice President , Business Development Telelingua

Luc Van Haute Graduated as a translator, within the last since 30 years he has been active in business development gaining the opportunity to follow the digitalization of a very traditional service industry : translations.

Luc’s experiences entailed him sending out faxes to translators and deliver projects on a ‘disk’, with a courier service; moving towards the start of the modem and finally into the more modern communications tools;  Luc states that “What is very nice, it still does not stop; on the contrary, the speed of evolution, new processes and new technology makes it very challenging for me to continue to consult our clients with the most appropriate process to deliver multilingual content”.

Luc worked for the big companies in each period of his professional life: Mendez Translations in the 80-90, SDL in the 00 and since 15 years with Telelingua International.