Kris Van Der Haegen

Director of Coach Education, Belgian FA (RBFA). Head coach of Women U19 national team, member of the UEFA Jira Panel,

Kris will outline the progress made in Belgium in coach and player development which has seen Belgium rise to Number 1 in the FIFA rankings. As coach education is the best tool to develop the football, the RBFA has developed a vision about learning in football. One of the main questions the RBFA asked was: “ How can we increase efficiency in the daily work of coaches? ” To have more efficiency in the coaching process , we need more consistency in the daily work and on the longer term. These principles have been translated in the Belgian Vision of Development, a common approach for all the Belgian coaches. Kris will also outline how coach education students in Belgium are using self shot videos of their coaching to assist them . This is linked with the important role of motivation and self-regulation in the learning process.