Gregoire Millet

Professor of Exercise Physiology , SSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences) in Lausanne
Grégoire Millet is Professor of Exercise Physiology at ISSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences) in Lausanne, the“
Olympic Capital”. He is the most publishing French-speaking sport scientist since he has published 300 articles including more than 200 in peer-reviewed journals and over 40 book chapters.He is the Chief Editor of“Frontiers in Exercise Physiology”and is regularly invited to conferences World-wide.Grégoire is the author of several books on endurance or altitude training. His main research topics are: (1) Physiological ergogenic or therapeutic responsees  in to exercise in hypoxia; (2) Optimization of interval-training ;(3) Mechanical / Physiological coupling in sport locomotion;(4) Analysis of fatigue (Neuromuscular and Heart Rate Variability); (5) Ultra-endurance.In the first part of his life, he has been a professional triathlete (French Champion) and was coaching elite triathletes successively in the French, UK and Hong Kong teams. Grégoire attended several Olympic Games. He participated to ultra -endurance event in different sports (Vasaloppet; Embrun or Hawaii Ironman.). At the age of 50, he finished 2nd in the“Tor des Geants”in Italy.