Francisco Roca

President, Spanish Basketball Association

Since 1991 and until 2005 he was NBA Southern Europe Managing Director. In the same year he was appointed CEO of Spanish Professional Soccer League (LFP) and held this title until 2013. At LFP he managed the operations of First and Second Division, the two professional soccer leagues in Spain, and he increased the revenues, the fame of the league at the international level, and the modernization of the stadia security and access control systems, and other aspects of the league and the teams. He went back to basketball in 2014, when he was selected as the President of the Spanish Basketball Association (ACB) the professional  basketball league in Spain, considered the top and best organized basketball league in Europe. ACB is in charge of organizing the championship, called Liga Endesa, and collateral top events such as Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) and Supercopa Endesa (Supercup Endesa).