Dr. Paolo Bedin

General Manager, Lega Serie B

Dr. Paolo was in charge of communications for Vicenza Calcio, from 1994 to 2000, he, then, transferred to AC Venezia to pursue the New Tessera Stadium project, in his capacity of Marketing Manager of the company, Marco Polo. Subsequently, he returned to Vicenza Calcio in 2004 to cover the position of Marketing and Communications Manager to later on become the Managing Director.

In December 2009, he left Vicenza Calcio to transfer to the Lega Calcio to pursue the separation process concerning the leagues and the birth of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B, in which, during August 2010, he undertook the office of General Manager. He is also a member of the “Competition Committee” and the “Marketing Committee” of the EPFL, the European Professional Football Leagues Association.

He is the author of two publications, “Il marketing delle società sportive” (Calleidos Edizioni) in 2010 and “Strategie per il business dello sport” (Libreria dello Sport) in 2011.