Carsten Thoma

Entrepreneur and Investor,

Carsten Thoma is an Investor and Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of the commerce
platform software company Hybris which he founded in 1997 before he sold it successfully to
SAP in 2013. After the takeover he was the President and General Manager of SAP Hybris
and responsible for SAP’s Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC) line of business
overseeing a EUR 2bn+ P&L. It became the company’s fastest-growing business unit,
covering SAP’s CRM, marketing, commerce, service, sales and revenue products.
Under his leadership, SAP made a significant shift to the cloud. He was critical to SAP’s
successful paradigm shift in redefining the front office, revolutionizing its marketing cloud
solution by integrating customer identity and profile management capabilities in compliance
with GDPR, and re-architecting it as a microservices-based architecture.
Since 2011, Mr Thoma has actively invested into several emerging global start-ups. His
portfolio contains, besides others, leading enterprise software start-ups such as Celonis,
Miraki, mycujoo and optile. He invests alongside funds like KleinerPerkins, 83 North and
Tola Capital. Unrelated to his tech investments, Mr Thoma is also the owner of Sticky
Fingers, a chain of rib and steakhouses, and special advisor to Wharf Cat, an independent
music label.
Carsten Thoma studied law at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich and holds a Bachelor’s
Degree in Economics from the Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich.