Francis Casado

Director of Global Business Development, Mobile Media Content

Francis is one of the founders of Mobile Media Content and is currently serving as The Director of Global Business Development.

Francis has a diversely rich education background. He pursued his degree in Computer Science from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and also procured an International MBA as well as an MBA in Economics from Universitat Ramon Llull and Manhattan College respectively.

Prior to founding Mobile Media Content, the revolutionizer of virtual reality in sports and stadiums sector, Francis made his career around the application of 3D Technology and Virtual Reality for various sectors. His time at Barcelona Media was primarily focused as a product manager responsible for developing professional 3D solutions for use by Barcelona Smart City Council.

A true entrepreneur, skilled in the domains of visualizing and pursuing new innovative business opportunities, creating, coaching and leading teams; Francis has lead Mobile Media Content from the front bringing in multiple accolades and awards in fields of innovation and growth from all around the world.

Apart from the successes in his academic and professional field, Francis has been having a favorable run as an Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship with Universitat Pompeu Fabra.