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We always like to be transparent and this is even more important when it comes to pricing. Nearly every event organiser has an Early Offer or Early Bird Offer/Discount and we are no different. This becomes even more important for us as we have 18 Conferences and Seminars over 2 days.

The reason we have Early Offer Discounts and offers is:

a) to assess where we are at different times of the year,

b) to help us with various operations (many of the Conferences will be full and knowing which ones at an early stage is important for our operations, different Conferences have different capacity rooms and we have to make operational decisions where to locate particular Conferences)

c) to attract as many participants as possible, allowing those with limited budgets to take part in ISC 2018

Please note that access to Conferences will be based on availability so we advise to book early to guarantee your access.

Our prices will be changing depending on when you register.

The sooner you register the less you pay!

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