INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CONVENTION 2016 will feature about 18 Sports Conferences and Masterclasses.

See below for the Overview of what takes place where and when:

“Great opportunity to meet colleagues globally.”

Mark PoverThe Football Association

“It is big, its massive, huge amount of people here. Great to get people together in one place.”

Michael ThompsonCarlsberg

“Great Event, very well attended, privilege to be here.”

Hannah BrownSky Sports

“It’s one of the most important event I’ve participated – I think its number 1.”

Marcos FalopaBrazilian Football Coaches Association

“Very happy to get new contacts, in depth talks in breaks.”

Jan PommerBeko Basketball Bundesliga

“Certainly here to learn, network, idea sharing and understanding what’s possible.”

Mette StannowIBM Corporation

“It’s always good to come to ISC and to inject some inspiration in people, that’s what I see my role.”

Joyce CookManaging Director

“Great Learning platform for me.”

Shawn DawsonManaging Director, Lee Valley Authority

“Always good to meet and greet people, get together exchange information, ‘ISC’ is very important for us.”

Helmut SpahnICSS

“Knowledge in many other matters – sponsors, venue, events.”

Bjorn WaspeUBS

“We are here to talk to brands and meet prospective brands as possible.”

Verity NicholasUNICEF


Individual Conferences will take place over 1 day, featuring various individual presentations and/or panel discussions and take place in individual Conference Rooms. All speakers will focus solely on content matters related to this Conference.



Masterclasses will focus on specific topics and themes, in the form of individual presentations and/or panel discussions, taking place in the Exhibition Hall.